March Madness Upsets

March Madness is one of my favorite sporting events. The excitement, the format, the emotion, the buzzer beaters, it encapsulates everything that is great about sports. So as I was watching the games these past two days, I started to think about all the upsets I have seen in my life. Naturally, a viz idea was born.

The below is summary of all March Madness upsets since 1985, the current format. I grabbed the data from this wikipedia page using Kimono, a great and simple tool to extract structured data from the web. Please note, the lowest seed considered an upset is 11. So no 10 vs. 7 or 9 vs. 8 match ups are present.


As for my personal brackets this year, the word of the day is #busted.

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    1. That is done by using the Detail shelf. I placed Winner, Loser and Year in the Detail of the sheet. Then turned on boarders by clicking the Color shelf > Effects. Download the workbook to see it first hand. Really easy trick to show discreet data within a bar chart.

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