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March Madness Upsets

March Madness is one of my favorite sporting events. The excitement, the format, the emotion, the buzzer beaters, it encapsulates everything that is great about sports. So as I was watching the games these past two days, I started to think about all the upsets I have seen in my life. Naturally, a viz idea was born.

The below is summary of all March Madness upsets since 1985, the current format. I grabbed the data from this wikipedia page using Kimono, a great and simple tool to extract structured data from the web. Please note, the lowest seed considered an upset is 11. So no 10 vs. 7 or 9 vs. 8 match ups are present.


As for my personal brackets this year, the word of the day is #busted.

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You’re Welcome

This past week I was at a happy hour for a departing co-worker. While there I started talking to someone who I recently pointed her to a server viz for data. In our Post Production facility, we have an application called ScheduALL. It is a resource management system used by many media companies. The system has reporting capabilities via Crystal Reports. Our users generally provide volume/cost reports of network activity to others who do not have access to ScheduALL. Last year I had setup a variety of server vizzes for anyone to view network spend in our facility based on their network assignment. Our application runs on SQL Server and we have setup nightly jobs to create FACT tables of transaction data.

So back to the happy hour. The lady I was speaking this week had asked for assistance on how to generate these reports out of the system. This is a task where users run the data, export to Excel and create a pivot table of the results. The problem is our network reps are asked for this constantly. I instead sent her a link to a server viz that already contained the results and filters for more precise output. She now uses the tableau server viz instead of generating her own report. She also forwarded the link to her customer who was requesting the data.

I am not exaggerating when in her effusive Thank You to me, she said this new method of providing data to clients was “life changing.” Both her and her client were truly grateful for what I had provided with the power of Tableau Server. I love seeing newcomers to our world just be utterly wow’d.

So to her and everyone else who has thanked me for doing something I love, you’re welcome!

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