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My First Speaking Engagement

This past week, Alteryx and Tableau hosted a joint event in Bethesda, MD. My Alteryx sales representative called me asking if I would present a use case at the meeting. I was honored and decided to give it a go. This is the first time I’ve been asked to present outside my organization so it was a bit nerve racking. I really wanted to do a great job at telling Discovery’s successes with these tools, with hopes that others too share their experience during the networking happy hour.

If you’re not familiar with Alteryx, you should be. This a great tool that is capable of endless data possibilities. My organization only recently purchased it and it already solved a roadblock I had encountered. This is what my presentation was about. With Alteryx, we were able to join 7 disparate data sources into a single Tableau Data Extract file and create a management dashboard for our Media Operations team. While I won’t go into the entire use case here, a colleague kindly took a few pictures.

My introduction slide into the global reach of Discovery Communications.


Discussing one of the final dashboards thanks to our Alteryx and Tableau solution. presentation

Alteryx was kind of enough to post about the event on their blog If you’re able to catch one of the future events, I highly recommend it. 

Like I said, I really enjoyed this experience, even though I was anxious about it all week. I hope to get my Alteryx skills up to where I am with Tableau. I believe we can solve a great deal of data challenges by leveraging both tools in tandem.

I also got to meet a fellow data blogger, which was exciting. Here’s a picture of Emily and me afterwards. Link to her blog.


I plan on posting about Alteryx in the future on my data adventures here. Stick around for more!

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Simple Data Organization

My brother sent me this gif and I wanted to share with everyone. Simple but effective. Thanks Felipe.




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